As of February 1st, 2018, the primary function of this website is to be an archive that will list the names & websites of writers & literary publications across North America. If the individual or organization that is listed also has a page dedicated to fundraising for their work, we will include the information in the listing. VMH does not represent any organization or individual, but we have made contributions to the work of some of those who are listed here. Our site is currently under construction where the archive is being built offline (we are in the process of receiving consent from each individual and organization we wish to list in our archive, and will not go fully online until we have received permission from 200+ artists, which we plan to have by February 14th, 2018)  It is our hope that by having a database that lists various writers and publications all in one place, it helps connect readers, editors and publishers to these individuals and expand upon the opportunities for all involved. One of the major benefits of this website is that we have a email list of over 6000 donors to the arts who have agreed to receive weekly emails highlighting the fundraising efforts of everyone involved with this list (We are hoping that it encourages individuals to make contributions to those involved) We will not publish a name or contact information of any individual or organization without their consent, nor will we represent them in any correspondence without their approval. As our site grows, we hope to expand to other art forms, and there will be some original content in audio form published here. We hope that you find something new and useful in our archives, and we thank you for visiting VMH.