Montreal Narrative - February 7th, 2013 to June 16th, 2013. 

I thought a great deal about whether or not I should upload these letters from 2013, but I thought it was important to at least have it in the archives and allow people the option to listen or not. The idea was to dance late at night, and then record letters for a particular individual (and they were quite explicit in nature) I never wrote anything down, it was usually right after I had finished dance (so I was breathless, and in a mood to speak with her, and talk to this lover about how much I wanted her, and the ways that I wanted her) I would absolutely add the disclaimer that I would not listen if this is something that you'd find cringe-worthy (some people will, and that's fine) I listened to some of the episodes back for the first time in years and I was amazed that I said (and did) some of the things that I did. But I'm glad I did. The woman & I never made it to Montreal (yet) But I still know her, I absolutely love her, and although we've gone in different paths, in subsequent other letters (That are the business of no one) our friendship and bond, even in the silences and the trials we've faced in our own lives, has grown. If a moment comes before my life ends where she and I inhabit that same space once more, I'm looking forward to the hello. 

Again, don't listen if explicit content is a little too much (The first episode will pretty well tell you what you're in store for, but if you stay with it, it does evolve) If you're okay with a little explicit intimacy from one lover to another, by all means, press play. 

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