‘Pretend it an Algorithm…indecipherable…something that is/cannot be seen…
[In every stanza, one phrasing that connects with subtext, sinister or benevolent] 
Assume nothing & position yourself in such a way that there is Question…
You think that in stillness you are unable to disarm, but you could be standing still
and every aspect of musculature & bone is a thunder, a howling…it is a fist held
before you, fracturing clenched/in an embrace…the radius cracks into the ulna, 
the articular cartilage pops from the surface of the joint, connective tissue is unravelling
itself from bone and you hold. You are the unwavering…from this place you will not
move (even though you will move…) Compel a temporary kind of amnesia so that what
is observed isn’t fully processed until the memory kicks. You will forget everything that
has ever been...’

Copyright © 2018 by Rahim Ladha, All Rights Reserved, taken from ‘The 1:00 a.m. Project,’
Written & Produced by Rahim Ladha, broadcast on http://viciousminuteshour.com